I thought I'd share the original demo I did for "Beneath My Skin". I've found in the past I've had good results writing music along to a video/movie of some sort. I did it with "Exile" from "Altered State"...just writing music to cliche videos of space and planet earth. But I felt it helped add flow to the song.
The start of "Beneath My Skin" was the same. I'd just watched the film "Under The Skin" (ahhhaa) and I was kind of creeped out by the seductive girl trapping guys in a black tar trap thing scene (which felt like a bit of a metaphor for me personally at the time!) The scene also happened to be completely silent.

I started with creating weird reversed/time stretched sounds on the guitar to line up with some of the odd parts in the video. Added synths (like the distorted screeching at 1:21) then came up with the guitar parts afterwards. The clean intro made its way onto the album version as its really difficult to recreate it! It's essentially a pinch harmonic but with a finger nail and flesh - and I can only get it to sound the same when my nail is the right length. 

If you haven't seen the film, then a warning it contains lots of flopping wieners. That was not part of the inspiration.


Yeah it's a bit weird but you gotta get inspiration from somewhere! I like to think 0:36 is more of an ode to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory - Pure Imagination, rather than a rip off! (Skip to 0:12)