How to achieve a TesseracT like bass tone! This tutorial takes TesseracT's recent live performance of Hexes at Metropolis Studios as an example. I go through Mos' live bass sound (using his Kiesel) and also a second recording using a Warwick Infinity FNA (which was used to track Altered State and Polaris). The aim is to show the difference between the two basses and how similar the processing applied can be between both. Straight away it's worth mentioning if you want a good bass tone, you need a good sounding bass to begin with...and fresh strings!

The download also includes the Axe FX II preset used while recording the Warwick (firmware version 3.03 used). 

Some of the areas covered include...

  • General EQ problem areas I always address

  • Multiband compression to tame resonance and hi mid clankyness (fret buzz etc) to help it sit in the mix

  • I talk about an ancient, go to distortion plugin I've used in my bass chain for 10 years

  • Compression and side chain compression

  • Adding distortion in parallel to enhance the growl/piano like quality of the bass.

The 40 minute tutorial will go over some of the methods I frequently use when mixing bass guitar. 

Regarding the Axe FX II Preset. Firmware 3.03 was used. The preset should similar on late version or you can set your amp block firmware version to 3.03.
There is an amp block in the chain which is disabled. I enable this when I want to add a little distortion in to the chain. You may need to tweak the EQ to suit
your bass slightly. Also take note of the compressors and multiband compressors in the chain. One ducks the mids slightly while the other tames the attack of the high end. You may wish to reduce/increase the threshold slightly on these depending on the output strength of your pickups. 

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