Bass, Vocals & Drums 


Grab the bass, drum and vocal mixing tutorials all together and save.

Mixing Bass Guitar 


How to achieve a TesseracT like bass tone! This tutorial takes TesseracT's recent live performance of Hexes at Metropolis Studios as an example. Also includes an Axe FX II preset used to record the example tone.

Vocal Mixing


This two hour tutorial is split into two videos. The first focuses on taming resonance and harshness from vocals for a smooth, warm vocal sound. The second video looks at mixing vocals in a song from scratch.

Mixing Programmed Drums


If you ever wanted to know how Acle Kahney goes about mixing drums in a TesseracT song (or in any rock/metal song), this tutorial is for you! We've put together a 50 minute video lesson and short document going through some elements of a drum mix when using programmed drums.