Vocal Mixing Tutorial

Before and After Examples...

Areas covered in the tutorial...

  • Mixing vocals from scratch

  • Smoothing out dynamics of vocals using compression

  • Smoothing vocals using EQ & dynamic EQ to tame resonant build ups

  • Controlling sibilance and harshness using de-essers and multiband compression

  • Using saturation/distortion to help fill out a vocal sound.

  • Adding subtle width to a single tracked mono lead track

  • Creating smooth reverbs to add a sense of space

  • How to deal with delays

  • Dealing with vocal layers/BVs so that they fit in the mix. Layers everywhere!


This two hour tutorial is split into two videos. Using TesseracT's "Phoenix" as an example, the first video focuses on taming overly resonant vocals by using dynamic EQ. Think of a whistle like sound which masks the vocal sound. Removing or reducing these harmonics helps smooth the sound resulting in a warmer,  more upfront and less distracting sound. "Overly resonant vocals are a pet peeve of mine and I really feel smoothing these out makes a huge difference. I've mastered so many bands where I wish this technique had been applied to the mix". The principle can also be applied to acoustic guitars, clean guitars and other instruments. "I personally feel this video is the more important of the two as it can really help make the vocals gel and sit in the mix".

The second video looks at building a vocal mix from scratch, using TesseracT's "Proxy" as an example. It starts from the ground up looking at EQ, compression, de-essing, adding width to a mono lead track, reverbs and delays

Some of the plugins used include...
Brainworx DynEQ (free dynamic EQs are available online which should do a similar job), Brainworx Stereomaker, FabFilter ProQ2, Slate Digital VMR, Waves CLA2A, Waves CLA 1176, Waves API2500, Waves & FabFilter DeEssers, SoundToys Echoboy, UAD Lexicon 224, Valhalla Shimmer, Eos Audiodamage Reverb.
While these are some of my preferred plugins, similar plugins can be used to apply the same processes. 

Two hours of video, 4GB download size (split into two files). 

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